Campus Overview


                           In the 8 acres (32,376 sq.m) hospital area there are the following infrastructure:

                                                                        Administration building

Academic building


Two lecture galleries

One hospital building

Two ladies hostel

Boy's hostel

Stuff colony

Teachers colony


Shaheed minar (Martyr Monument)

Another boy's hostel is situated in Sobhanbag ,Dhaka.




Administration building :

Dhaka dental college has an well organized administration faculty.The college is run by a teacher’s association where principal is the chief and all the teachers of the college are members. Adminstration office combines with principal and vice principal office ,secretary office ,student’s section,accountants office and so on.


Academic building:

A 5 storied nice architecturally designed building is used for college building. The building comprises 7 departments ,an well equipped library,2 clubs,3 common room and a canteen for refreshment. Each department has well furnished lecture rooms and laboratories with air conditioned facilities.


Hospital building :

Dhaka dental college hospital is the largest dental hospital in Bangladesh with a 7 storied building.The hospital has a sevice of 250 beds.There are also dental, medicine and surgery outdoor for the beneficent of the patients.There are also facility of various pathological test ,Radiotherapy,OPG, general and Dental x-ray service, CT scan, MRI ,ECG,ULTRASONOGRAPHY.